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Retail Support

  • Ring Rose Business Support Services offers an extensive range of services to help you and your business.  


Office & Administration Support

  • Ring Rose Business Support Services can help out in your office for as little as ONE hour. 


Virtual Business Support

  • Ring Rose Business Support Services can help you and not even take up space in your workplace. 

Don't like paper work?  Ring Rose does.

If your paper work is taking up too much of your time, Ring Rose can help get you sorted.

Ring Rose Business Support Services can help with your paper work using accounting packages such as MYOB, Xero and Reckon (Quickbooks).  All of these packages are available as Cloud services which means you don't even have to supply a computer, a desk, a chair or a phone.

You might simply need a few systems in place to help you keep your paperwork.  If paperwork isn't your thing, it's never going to get done properly without some help and guidance.  Think of how much money your company will save by things being easy to find and you being organised.

Spend YOUR time doing what YOU know best and leave the nightmares of paper work to Ring Rose Business Support Services to get things sorted quickly and easily.


in Home
Need assistance with word processing tasks?

Call us with your word processing woes and let us help you turn them into successes. 

For all your 'word processing' tasks, contact us to find out how we can help take the burden off you.

If you live in the Shepparton region, we can arrange to meet with you in person to discuss your needs, or alternatively you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send your project to us. 


Just some of the ways Ring Rose Business Support Services can help you are:

- Formatting of documents

- Copy typing from hand written notes

- Typing up of reports

- Mailing lists and mail merging

- Typing up and setting out of assignments

These services aren't just limited to businesses.  Think how professional you will look when your report for your club is handed over in a well presented document.  You could make your Christmas Card writing so much easier by having your recipient's names and addresses listed on to labels ready to stick on to the front of your envelopes. 




in Home

Being in business for yourself was always supposed to be fun and no matter how tough things get, should always remain an enjoyable experience.  I mean, you're there every day and probably spend more hours at work than you do at home, so of course you want to be sure you're enjoying it. 

Here are just some of the ways Ring Rose Business Support Services can help you and your business. 

- Retail operations

- Data entry

- Bookkeeping

- Social media marketing

- Compiling newsletters

- In-store displays

- Reception

Ring Rose Business Support Services aims to make your life easier.  Having as little as one hour away from your business is often enough to unruffle your feathers and look at your business with a newfound enthusiasm. 

Ring Rose Business Support Services is about improving the well being of business owners and operators.  Its about building up confidence with local businesses and seeing retail traders once again thriving.

Its about giving you some freedom! 

in Home